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5 000 руб.
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500 руб.
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Что такое betfair exchange

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Betfair exchange

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Betfair Exchange

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Betfair exchange systems

Enter 2. Important Click, be discarded, of a system. Staking, seen it many times! The more points you earn, the more cashback you receive. First 30 days only. It is important to note that Betfair has a sportsbook a sportsbook is another name for a bookmaker as well as an exchange.

When placing lay bets you must do so on Betfair Exchange as the sportsbook does not allow lay bets. You can visit the exchange at https: These represent back and lay bets. The blue boxes are for back bets and the pink boxes for lay bets. Inside each blue and pink box you will see two things.

There must be enough available funds on the selection you want to bet on to cover your bet. Using the example above, if you wanted to back Man City at odds of 1. When doing matched betting, you should always make sure there are enough funds available before placing your bet.

You will be using Betfair Exchange to place lay bets rather than back bets so lets take a look at the process. Click on the pink box and you will notice that your bet will be added in the section on the right hand side of the page see image below.

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